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Trouble-free Files
and how to make them

We can accept and work with your book materials in many forms - based on almost any software you might want to use. at no extra cost to you for file preparation. We work directly with PDF, InDesign, Word,  Publisher, and other layout programs, and we can work with PDFs exported from these programs and from specialty programs such as  Framemaker, TeX, LaTeX, and music writing programs, as well as from QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, WordPerfect and virtually all other layout programs.

If (1) your files are set up so that the pages of the file document look the way you want your book pages to appear - that is, are formatted for your book - and (2) there are no serious technical problems with your files which require extensive rework or lengthy processing, then we label these files Trouble-free Files.  Providing trouble-free files minimizes your cost because it minimizes the time required for us to process your files.

While we do not charge extra if you send us trouble-free files in any of the formats described above, we do prefer to receive all your files as PDFs.

The advantage of sending PDF files with all fonts embedded is their stability.  They will look exactly the same to us, and process to pages that look the same, as they look to you on your monitor or printer. In addition, they are self-contained and do not require any accompanying fonts or images.  Contrast this with, say, Word files which can look different when moved to a different computer.

The reason we prefer to have the application files for your cover is that having these files makes it possible for us to adjust spine size, bleeds, and positioning as well as to make corrections that you request to spelling and wording, all without having to come back to you to ask for changes.

If you work with InDesign and want to send us a PDF, and especially if you use transparency in InDesign or have bleeds, I suggest you check this page for InDesign configuration presets.

For more information on the kind of troubles that can be built into files, visit problem files.

Bleeds, Safe Zone, Spreads, Spines, Centering on Hard Cover.  Visit here

Images and Screen Values.  Visit here.

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