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We offer you an opportunity for exposure of your book. Our web site has a section called Book Shelf that can be used to help publicize and market your book. It’s free for Signature Book Printing customers, and you’re invited to have your book included.

The typical page on the bookshelf displays some of the following:

  • An image of the book’s front cover
  • Bibliographic information about the book
  • Purchasing information, where to purchase, price, etc.
  • How to contact the publisher, author
  • Text material from the back cover
  • Reviews and blurbs
  • Biographical information about the author
  • Author photo

If you would like to have your book included on our bookshelf,  you just need to let us know when you return your proofs.

About a week after we put up your web page, you'll be able to find your book on Google. Search by your name or book title or key phrase used in the description of your book; use quotation marks around your search term so Google won't break it into separate words. Your book should come up high on the search results.

We will already have an image of your book’s front cover, some of the bibliographic information, and text material from the back cover; we may have an author photo. We’ll need the rest of the information itemized above: Publisher info, purchasing information, reviews, blurbs, and perhaps biographical information. In addition you can add whatever you like to the narrative section of the page.

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