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We Manufacture
Books of All Types

We manufacture books in virtually all categories, from self-published poetry and novels to high quality coffee table books to long runs of commercial books.  Check out the examples here.
We print books here in the US and where appropriate in Hong Kong.
Soft Cover Books

We manufacture perfect bound (square-back paperback books), smythe sewn soft cover books, saddle-stitched (stapled twice in the center and folded), plastikoilwire-O, and loose leaf books.  We can do split runs -- with some books perfect bound or smythe sewn soft cover bound, and some case bound, for example.  For the text (inside pages), we print black ink (the most economical), 2-color, and full color on coated or uncoated paper.

We manufacture novels, directories, journals, conference proceedings, trade books, monographs, textbooks, poetry, biographies, cookbooks, pre-publication runs, music books, to name only a few examples, . . . for customers of all types including self-publishers, brokers, printers, publishers, associations, companies, business organizations, schools, agencies, and governments, . . .


We manufacture case bound and concealed wire-O bound hard cover books. We generally use the Smythe-sewn binding with coated paper and notch case binding with uncoated paper. 

When you specify a case bound (hard cover) book, you will need to tell us what material to use for the cover.  The cover (or "case") of the book is made by wrapping a "case wrap" over cardboard ("binder boards").  There are two basic categories of case wrap. A "printed, laminated cover" is just as it sounds, a printed sheet covered with film laminate and then wrapped over the binder boards. With a printed, laminated cover you can have whatever image you want printed for the cover.  The second category is unprinted material such as library cloth, leatherette, imitation leather, composition leather, or heavy paper. In this case, the front ("face") and spine of the book are generally foil stamped with the title, author, and perhaps a design.

For each type of case binding, you can optionally have a dust jacket.  For printed, laminated covers, many people choose not to have a dust jacket; the full image is already printed on the cover itself. 

So when you're asking for a quote, please tell us

  • What kind of covering you want:
    -  Printed, laminated cover
    -  library cloth
    -  leatherette
    -  heavy paper
    -  or you can let us choose - for example if you just want whatever's least expensive

  • Whether you want a dust jacket (or want it priced as an option so you can see)

Latest Computer Technology

For books which come in to us as computer files, we use the latest computer-to-plate equipment to make high quality, low cost plates. This allows us to print books containing photographs, screens, and other halftones for the same price you would pay for type and line copy. We can accept and work with your computer files, which you can upload to us -- we'll provide you with a link -- or on CD/DVD or a flash drive; you can send smaller files as e-mail attachments. We work with a broad variety of file types, including PDF (preferred), Postscript, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker,  Illustrator, Word, WordPerfect, Microsoft Publisher, Powerpoint, . . . , as well as all types of image files. With some programs, we'll need to get a PDF exported from your native files. If your favorite program isn't in the list, don't worry. Contact us-- we probably work with it as well. If you are uncertain about your files, we would be happy to look at a sample file and give you feedback, or "talk" you through problem areas (preferably by e-mail).  

Just because we have the latest computer technology, and the skills that go with it, we do not require that you provide your book as computer files. We can also work with traditional camera ready line copy or scan from an existing book. 


Best Available Sources


We print books domestically and in our associated Hong Kong plant.  We prepare quotes for your book based on the best production source for your quantity and particular specifications. This gives you the best prices, while assuring that all work is done under our oversight and responsibility


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