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Our children and grandchildren just love to read books.  That's why we especially like to do childrens books.  These books perhaps show the greatest range of thought, creativity, and feeling  of any type of book.

Of course, the books we print meet all the safety standards for children and are strong and durable enough for children to handle.

While most childrens books have a small page count and are colorful inside and out, we can go beyond those characteristics. Most hard cover childrens books have a printed, laminated cover; we also produce childrens books with cloth or leatherette hard covers.  Some childrens books also have a dust jacket.

We also print soft cover childrens books, but I will say that our prices are so good for hard cover books that most people choose to use hard covers.

We manufacture all shapes of books, and a full range of sizes. We are not restricted to just a couple of popular shapes. Our production includes Portrait orientation books (upright, bound on the long side), in hard cover or soft cover.
We manufacture Landscape orientation books (horizontal, bound on the short side), in hard cover or soft cover
We also do square books, hard cover and soft cover.

The minimum page count we can bind is 32 pages, and there is no practical upper limit to the number of pages. The widest size is 11 and the tallest size is 12.

We print only on press, so you get the very best professional quality - at excellent prices.

And we find that after we finish the books, we get a lot of praise from our customers, both for the books themselves and for the experience of working with us. For some of the comments,  see  CUSTOMER COMMENTS.

We have been printing books since 1986.  Throughout these years, we have concentrated on three things: smooth easy customer service, excellent quality, and best value for your money. Our customers praise us for all three, and return to us for printing more copies or new books, and they recommend us to their friends. To see more examples of books we've done, visit here.

We'll be happy to prepare a quote for you.  Use our simple form to give us the specifications, or call at 301-258-8353  or e-mail us at  book@sbpbooks.com.

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