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Our Competitive Edge

  1. We care about you and your book. We work with you to make the printing process go smoothly and easily.

  2. We accept almost any kind of files you would want to use: PDF, Adobe InDesign,  Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word,  Microsoft Power Point, etc., on PC and Mac.  If you are working in QuarkXpress, Freehand, or WordPerfect, you can export PDF files that work great for us. If your favorite isn't listed, please ask.

  3. We are reliable on schedule.  We can get your books to you when you need them (or tell you up front that we can't).

  4. We use the latest computer-to-plate technology for excellent quality and low cost. There are no extra charges for photos, screens, or art which is in place in your files. We can work equally well with camera ready line copy.

  5. All of our printing is printing - real printing, ink on paper, not copying.

  6. We are book manufacturing professionals who care about the quality of your book.  We produce excellent books for you. We stand behind our work.

  7. We have access to trusted book manufacturing capabilities in specialized plants to give you the best price and quality for any type of book, with all of the front-end work and customer service done here in-house. Because we are experienced hands-on printers, we understand all of the technical issues in detail at the working level.

  8. Our prices are very competitive, especially considering the advantages described above. We  prepare a complete quote so you are not faced with surprise charges when the job is done.

  9. We don't tack on extra charges like "administrative fees" and "proof mailing". We will charge you for author alterations (changes made after we have proofed out your book) or specifications that are different from those in our quote, but nothing else.

  10. We understand all aspects of the technology we work with . . . really understand, not just push the buttons on a vendor-supplied system.

  11. We have integrity, and always stand behind the work we do for you.

Signature Book Printing   has been a Book Printer   of choice for the past 25 years. We have been on the web since 1997. From the beginning, we have focused not only on Book Printing   but also on smooth, easy customer service, excellent quality, and very competitive prices .  We have broadened our Book Printing offerings significantly from the beginning. Check out Signature Book Printing  as your Book Printer . As a Book Printer , we have earned the confidence and recommendations of a wide variety of customers nationwide to support their Publishing . Our capabilities include Hard Cover Book Printing , Full Color Book Printing , Case Bound Book Printing , Perfect Bound Book Printing , Smythe Sewn Binding , Soft Cover Book Printing , and Web Book Printing for longer runs.

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