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Comparison Shopping

Consider Open and Honest Pricing
when you shop

Some printers give low-ball prices on the web, then add charges at invoice time - We Don't. The only extra costs (unless you change the specifications of your book) are

  • author alterations (changes you make after we send you proofs of your book),

  • sales tax if don't have a resale certificate

  • shipping  

Of course, if you ask us to perform extra services, like designing your cover, formatting your text, or individually mailing your books, there are charges for that as well.

Our prices are competitive if you compare apples to apples.  I know because I comparison shop other printers on the web.  If you get what appears to be a great price, it would be worthwhile for you to take a moment to double-check your specifications and the printer's future add-ons.

Our prices are firm for 30 days and do not depend on unpredictable paper prices.  

We don't nickel and dime you with extra add-ons.  We don't have "administrative fees" in addition to the quoted price.  We don't add on charges for mailing your proofs.

Consider Schedule when shopping

Our schedules are fast.  We'll proof out your book in 2 days.  For perfect bound books, our normal turnaround is 3 weeks from approval of proof. If you are pressed for time, we can generally finish your books more quickly; just ask. 

For full color or case bound books our turnaround runs 4-5 weeks.  For books we print in Hong Kong, turnaround is 3-4 weeks before shipping; then ocean shipping takes about 4 weeks. Frequently the price is so attractive that you can afford for us to air freight a "starter kit" of books.

Consider Quality when shopping

Our quality is excellent.  We print with real ink on real presses.  At low quantities, the quote you get from another printer may be for digital printing.

Consider Customer Service when shopping

We are proud of our customer service, and we receive notes of praise practically every day for professionalism, integrity, and helpful service.  My belief is that we should make your experience printing a book easy and smooth.  We accomplish this by focusing on easy, smooth customer service and also by knowing what we're doing.

Consider Limitations on the files you can submit

Our requirements don't limit your specifications to a narrow range of sizes, quantities, or page counts.  One reason we don't give "instant quotes" on our web site is that we don't want to limit your choices to a few possibilities chosen from a table.

We do work with Microsoft Products, including Word, Publisher, Power Point, and Excel.  I wouldn't say we love them, but we've worked with them enough so we're good at it.  Compare with printers who say "a file created in Microsoft anything is not usable as is" and adds fees of $100 to $250 for working with your files.

We do welcome PDF files, but we don't require them.

Our Competitive Edge

Read what we consider to be our competitive edge.

Signature Book Printing   has been a Book Printer   of choice for the past 25 years. We have been on the web since 1997. From the beginning, we have focused not only on Book Printing   but also on smooth, easy customer service, excellent quality, and very competitive prices .  We have broadened our Book Printing offerings significantly from the beginning. Check out Signature Book Printing  as your Book Printer . As a Book Printer , we have earned the confidence and recommendations of a wide variety of customers nationwide to support their Publishing . Our capabilities include Hard Cover Book Printing , Full Color Book Printing , Case Bound Book Printing , Perfect Bound Book Printing , Smythe Sewn Binding , Soft Cover Book Printing , and Web Book Printing for longer runs.

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