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We Go Beyond Book Printing For You

We want to make it easy for you
to have your books printed.

Quick Facts.  I would start here. 

Legal, Business, and Administrative Matters.

Copyright Registration  We will help point the way for registration of your copyright.

Distribution  We can refer you to companies near our plants which offer fulfillment or distribution.

ISBN Numbers  We will obtain your ISBN number for you quickly (1 business day) and inexpensively ($75 fee to ISBN agency; no charge for our help).  We will make your bar code for you FREE.

Library of Congress Depository  We will help you do the filing necessary to comply with the legal requirement for depositing books with the Library of Congress.

Marketing  We will help you get started in marketing.

Technical Assistance We provide technical assistance in setting up your books, converting files, etc.  We'll review test files and advise you on their suitability, then we'll recommend steps you can take to improve them. Read about Trouble-free files.

Your Bar Code - FREE We will make the bar code from your ISBN number and apply it on the cover of your book.

Your Own Web Page - Free  We will set up a web page for your book on our web site.


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