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Page Count
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Cover Inks
Inside* Inks
Inside Inks refers to the number of inks used on the inside pages of the book. If the book has full color pictures, then the "right" answer is 4 color process. For b&w or grayscale, the "right" answer is black only.

If you want a hard cover binding, please say whether you want a printed, laminated hard cover, library cloth, or leatherette, or you can just say "cheapest" and let us select; also say whether you want a dust jacket.

Additional Specifications.
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Name of Book
Cover Paper
Cover Finish
Text Paper

Further Requirements.
Further specifications such as tabs, dividers, case binding, dust jacket, schedule requirements, text bleeds, text heavy coverage, etc. Or just to say hello.

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Glossary of Terms

Quantity.  You can list several quantities for us to quote. We do not quote on quantities under 300 for hard cover or full color books, or under 500 for black and white soft cover books

Page Count.  Each side of a sheet (or leaf) counts as a page, whether it's printed or blank. more

Trim Size. We can manufacture books in any size from 4 x 5 high to 9 x 12 high or larger.

Shape. If your book is horizontal - wider than it is high - please say "Landscape" along with the dimensions.

Standard sizes include 5.5 x 8.5, 6 x 9, 7 x 10, 8 x 10, and 8.5 x 11. For hard cover books, this is the size of the pages; the cover is larger.

Cover Inks. "Full color" is 4 color process.  Or you can specify black ink only or several colors of ink. 

*Text Inks. This refers to the number of inks used on the  "inside" pages of the book. *If the book has full color pictures, then the "right" answer is 4 color process. We can economically include color on some pages and have the remaining pages with black ink only. If you'd like to do this, give a description under Further Requirements.

Binding. We provide perfect binding, saddle stitch, case binding, plastikoil, wire-O, GBC, and loose leaf. We can do a "mixed order" with part of the order bound one way and the rest bound a different way (You need to tell us how many you want each way.)

Hard Cover (Case) Binding. We need a little extra information to give you an accurate quote. Click for more on case binding.

Cover Paper. If you don't specify, we'll quote an appropriate paper (and identify it for you).

Cover Finish. This can be none, varnish (or aqueous coating),  layflat gloss film laminate, or layflat matte film laminate.  For 4 color process covers, you need varnish or film laminate for protection.

Text Paper. If you don't specify, we'll quote an appropriate paper (and identify it for you).

Questions.  If you have any questions about specifications, please call or e-mail to ask, or put your question in the "further requirements" section.

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