Money Habitudes:
A Guide for Professionals Working With money Related Issues
2nd edition

by Syble Solomon
LifeWise Productions
Rockville, MD

(c) 2003, 2005 by Syble Solomon
82 pages

ISBN  0-9742531-1-1

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From the Back Cover --

This guide was developed for professionals using Money Habitudes cards with their clients. The cards are a novel, non-threatenin way to discover habits and attitudes, e.e. "habitudes" that affect whether clients will achieve their financial and life goals. Financial professionals use them to quickly understand what motivates the way their clients manage their money. Counselors, therapists and coaches use them to make connections between their clients' relationship with money and their career, personal and business relationships and life goals. This guide provides additional information and handouts to use the cards with individuals, couples and groups and includes charts and key questions for more in-depth discussions.

The Money Habitudes guide provides hands-on, user friendly activities that are not time intensive. Clients like manipulating the cards and associate the cards with familiar social activity so they enjoy it, relax and are more open to productive conversations. Since there are no right or wrong answers, no habitude is bad and every habitude can have challenges, clients relax and are able to discuss even difficult money concepts


My husband and I had the first good conversation about money we've had in 34 years.  I never understood why he made the career decisions he did and he always felt like I was judging him as a failure. This was powerful!
     -- TRM, Greensboro, NC

My girlfriend and I talked for three hours the night we used these cards. It was a great way to get to know each other a lot better!

     -- DLS, Richmond, VA

We never read the directions. We just started reading the cards and talked for a couple of hours. I was surprised at all we had to talk about after all these years of being married and we thought we understood each other!
     -- EJB, New Haven, CT

I don't know about the Venus/Mars stuff, but we realized that we sure were coming from very different places when we thought about how to plan for our future retirement.
     -- CMZ, Verona, NJ

It's the first time we've talked about money without fighting!

     -- DJK, Rockville, MD


About the Author

Syble Solomon, the creator of Money Habitudes, is a national speaker and the founder of LifeWise. Her presentations educate and encourage people to take personal responsibility for their actions and attitude today so they can create more options and opportunities for their future. As an executive coach she is affiliated with the Center for Creative Leadership and the National Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland and has private clients from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and non-profit organizations. Syble is an adjunct faculty member at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She serves on the board of the Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education (AFCPE) and is the past Chair of Women’s Programs for the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.  

Syble Solomon


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