Deny Them The Night Sky
A History of the 548th Night Fighter Squadron

by Eric Shulenberger
Published by the author as "Shulenberger Publishing" (SAN 256-5935)
Seattle, WA

(c) 2005 Eric Shulenberger
520 pages

9780976735502 (hard cover)

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Eric Shulenberger
3912 NE 127th St .
Seattle , WA 98125
Contact at (; 206-685-1457)

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Each copy comes with a CD-ROM containing all 998 photos, illustrations and diagrams.


Testimonial --

Here is what 548th survivor (and contributor of much material) Squadron Supply Officer Lt Col (ret’d) John G Chappell said of the finished product – 
“We of the 548th have been impressed at your ability to jump back a generation and insert yourself into the Squadron as if you were present and on duty. ...You bring up many details of our operation that I had not known. ...The book is insightful and honest about the way our enlisted personnel and junior officers felt about some of our “senior” officers. ...You have brought the wartime 548th back to life for us, and I for one really appreciate it. – Just remember how young we were!”


About the Author --

The author is the eldest son of Dr Arvid L. Shulenberger, Radar Officer on the 548th NFS P-61 “MiDNiTE MiSS” (tail # 42-5611).  Eric is by profession both a biological oceanographer (at the University of Washington in Seattle ) and an attorney – and has been a lifelong nut on the Black Widow. He is also a former enlisted Marine, and takes mild offense at how most squadron histories concentrate on the planes and aircrews to the exclusion of the other 90% of the team. Official records for Night Fighters are skimpy, scattered and poorly preserved. In writing this book, he has obtained those records for the Squadron, and also interviewed extensively most of the 548th’s survivors and their wives. They have provided first person accounts, photo albums, personal records, souvenirs, copies of orders, and various interesting memorabilia. They have written sections and stories – complete with hand-drawn illustrations - for inclusion. As is usual, they disagree with one another on various points, which makes the story more realistic. Collectively, they have edited and proofread most of the text – and as much as possible the whole book is oriented towards the “first person”. It covers the whole Squadron (not just the planes and their crews) from its formation to its disassembly after the war. Because many readers will want to examine photos in close-up detail, the book comes with a CD-ROM of all 998 photos, pictures and illustrations. Often one can see incredible details (completely invisible in the best printed copies) if you will blow up the photos on your computer monitor. If you find errors, or have materials to contribute to an expanded version in the future, contact the author.



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