For the Family

by Clifford & Joyce Penner
Word Publishing
Dallas - London - Vancouver - Melbourne 
(c) 1992 Clifford and Joyce Penner
360 pages

ISBNs 0-8499-3287-4

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From the Back Cover --

Sound, up-to-date information on sexuality 
issues for newlyweds and long marrieds, 
parents and kids, singles and seniors.

Living in a sex-saturated society means that sex-related questions and decisions confront us constantly. Today, more than ever, handling sexuality in a positive and responsible way requires solid, practical information–the kind of information this book provides.

Authors Cliff and Joyce Penner explain, “Every home needs some portion of this book. It is designed to be a resource book, a family’s first-aid kit for sexual issues. . . . There is information for singles, children, childless couples, parents, and the elderly.” Included is practical counsel on:

♦ birth control ♦ sex, illness, and aging 
♦ childlessness and infertility ♦ sexual addictions 
♦ how kids affect their parents’ sex life  ♦ sexual dysfunction in marriage 
♦ molestation and abuse ♦ sexually transmitted disease 
♦ sex and the in-laws ♦ single sexuality 
♦ sex during and after pregnancy 
♦ what, how, and when to tell kids about sex

The Penners pull no punches on the tough questions, but their emphasis is that human sexuality is a gift–designed to be handled with gratitude, joy, and responsibility.

DR. CLIFFORD and JOYCE PENNER are internationally recognized sexual therapists, educators, and authors. Joyce, a registered nurse and clinical nurse specialist, holds a master's degree in psychosomatic nursing and nursing education from UCLA. Clifford, a clinical psychologist, earned an M.A. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and holds a Ph.D from Fuller's Graduate School of Psychology. The Penners have authored nine books, including The Gift of Sex, Restoring the Pleasure, Getting Your Sex Life Off to a Great Start, and The Married Guy's Guide to Great Sex. In addition to conducting sex education and sexual enhancement seminars, the Penners and their associates specialize in sexual therapy at their clinic in Pasadena, California.

Sex Facts for the Family, formerly titled A Gift for All Ages, is  revised, expanded, and updated.


Joyce & Clifford Penner


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