A Special Time

by Paul J.B. Murphy, Jr.

(c) 2005 Paul J.B. Murphy, Jr.
416 pages

1-932433-43-0 (paperback)

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About the Story --

A Special Time takes place in England during the 1980's. It is a book within a book, in which Alex Blakely recounts his experiences and adventures during his college years, which he has come to look back upon as ‘A Special Time’ in his life. Infatuation, betrayal, true love, physical conflict, good times and tragedy are all events which during this time of young adulthood, help mold him into the man he finds himself to be today. Arching over all of this is his friendship with college mate, Sean Creedon, a relationship, sometimes quiet, sometimes intense, sometimes humorous, and reaching a depth which will bond the two young men for a lifetime. This is a story that makes you want to turn the page; brings laughter, and yes, an occasional lump in the throat; and leaves the reader with a warm feeling for a time of youth, and for the profound love and comfort of friendship.


About the Author --

Paul Murphy, a video producer/director, has, in this instance, ‘jumped the fence’, as he puts it, from screen to print. "I’ve had this story running amuck in my mind and heart for some time and finally decided that the time had come to give it light. So I stepped from behind the camera for a year and wrote A Special Time, a novel about youth and friendship." Paul has led a varied life. A career army officer, he entered the service at 17, and with only one hiatus to finish college, fought through three wars. His military service was followed by ten years in private enterprises, after which, as an avid fly-fisherman, he became involved in the making of a documentary on the restoration of the Big Blackfoot River in Montana. From this experience came the producing and directing of video documentaries which has occupied him for the past thirteen years with seven titles to his credit. Paul, a native Virginian, lives with his wife, Donna, in McLean, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.


Paul J.B. Murphy, Jr.


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