Widow Black's Paper Bait

Poems by Seria
Thunder Mills Publishing

(c) 2004 Seria N. Mills
46 pages

0-9764998-0-0 (paperback)

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From the Back Cover --

Every generation has a voice and every voice a generation. But not all of us who aspire to define what it is to be human in a specific space and time do so in a way that is transcended of race, gender, sexuality, or any of the other devisive realities that make up the way of the world. But on rare occasions there come amongst us those who craft their words with a conviction so genuine and a passion so moving that what was once the inherent symbology of near language becomes a unifying theory of what it is to be alive. These people we call poets. Seria is a poet of the first order. And that's not a compliment born of friendship's time but an immutable reality made plain by the strength of Widow Black's Paper Bait. It is a fine work. Beautiful, profound, inspiring, and above all else, pure poetry.

-- Scholler 27


excerpt from poem entitled Living On The Edge --

...writing to breathe
dying to be free

writing because i need some control
because this language i speak is the only thing i know
because this pen i'm holding is the only thing that won't let me go...

because my soul is the only thing i own
and i'm losing ground on that...

-- from Living On The Edge


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