Practical Handbook to Elementary FLES

by Gladys C. Lipton
Published by: Blueprints for Learning, Inc.
Kensington, MD 20891

(c) 2004 Gladys Lipton
480 pages

From the Back Cover --

Written by Dr. Gladys Lipton, a leading authority in foreign language in the el­ementary school (FLES*), this new 4th edition of the book gives practical advice on how to establish, maintain, and improve all types of FLES* programs, K-8. Encompassing Sequential FLES, Sequential FLEX, Exploratory and Immersion programs, the text provides expanded content and new information concerning practical research and best practices in the field. This 4th edition has invaluable new insights for K-12 methods students and professors, and can be used not only in preservice courses, but in inservice workshops and graduate programs.

Based on her extensive experience in the field, Dr. Lipton, whose doctoral disserta­tion was a research study on FLES* methodology, provides a successful blend of research background information with practical suggestions for implementing na­tional foreign language standards and the performance guidelines. Also included in this 4th edition are valuable recommendations for assessment options, curriculum development, promotion and advocacy, and expanded classroom strategies. With­out question, the focus of this new, expanded 4th edition is on the “practical,” the “down-to-earth,” the “common sense” approach to successful FLES* programs, which Dr. Lipton uses when she serves as a consultant for many schools (public and private) and school districts. This 4th edition presents straightforward sugges­tions for the most practical avenues toward achieving superior FLES* programs.


About the Author --

Dr. Gladys Lipton, currently Director of the National FLES* Institute (K-12), is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the teaching and learning of FLES*. A highly successful practitioner and scholar, Dr. Lipton has taught and supervised foreign languages on all school levels in New York and Maryland , and has presented foreign language workshops and keynote speeches nationally and internationally. Her experience in teaching FLES* as a classroom teacher, as an itinerant specialist and as a supervisor of FLES* in K-12 programs gives her a very broad and practical perspective on the techniques, strategies and activities that work well in the FLES* classroom.



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