Poems from the Appalachians

by Judith K. Witherow
Twin Spirits Publishing
Clinton, Maryland
(c) 2003 Judith K. Witherow
56 pages

ISBN 0-9747172-0-7

Price $9.95

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All Things Wild is a collection of poetry and photographs inspired by the author's background and experience growing up in the poverty of the rural Appalachians. The poems celebrate the beauty of the mountains through the eyes of someone who has survived and thrived despite the harsh reality of her life.

Beautiful. Connective. Important and Empowering. 
     Nayiree - Rain and Thunder

Great Book! It's so reassuring to know that the mountains are there where you left them. 
Carol Anne Douglas - off our backs

You take a view of translating and interpreting the world as you see it...both the beautiful and the not-so-beautiful.. 
     Nkenge Toure - In Our Voices - WPFW-FM 89.3

Judith K. Witherow, a mixed blood Native American, was raised in rural poverty in the Appalachians. A storyteller, writer and poet, she won the 1994 Audre Lorde Memorial Prose Contest for Non-fiction.

Judith K. Witherow


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