Understanding the Budget of the United States Government
Ninth Edition March 2005

by The EOP Foundation
Washington, DC 

(c) 2005 The EOP Foundation
478 pages

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From the Introduction --

Many see the development of the Federal Budget as a dramatic play: The first act is formulation of the Presidentís Budget. The second act is enactment of congressional appropriations. The third act is the dancing departments and agencies executing the budget, utilizing this unique language and processes developed over the years and embedded in law. Every program in the budget has supporters who believe the expenditures for that program satisfy a vital need. Every dollar comes from taxpayers who would rather decide for themselves how the money should be spent. Balancing these competing demands by determining what is the responsibility of the Federal Government, the dilemma faced by political decision-makers, and the end result of the budget process. Supporting the politicians who must make these difficult decisions are tens of thousands of people, from the White House and Cabinet departments to congressional staff. Some prepare budget and program proposals, others review the proposals to make sure priorities are funded, and still others carry out the approved budgets. The objective of this book is to present usable and relevant information about the budget and the budget process in a straightforward format. Our intent is to explain clearly the facts about the Federal Budget without making judgments on the political issues. With this information the reader should have a better foundation of knowledge to make judgments on current issues and policies



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