Today & Tomorrow

by Huynh Van Cao
96 pages

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From Inside the Book --

During the last 30 years, many of us have done our best to secure freedom and democracy for Vietnam. Many have passed away as I continue to carry on this cause with the encouragement and support from others. In carrying the trust and hope of the Vietnamese people who have entrusted to me since I was in the RVN military and the Senate, in upholding the National Legitimacy which remains with us, I do not waiver with my dedication and determination to deliver our fatherland, Vietnam, back into the hands of the people, who yearn to live in freedom, who can thrive in a democratic country, and who can be proud to stand side-by-side with the United States and the free world. The following collection of writings, speeches, and personal reflections puts into words my deepest conviction to tell the truth, which is based on facts and evidence with no pretension. I am ready to stand before a mundane tribunal to testify the truth as I would stand before our Lord Jesus Christ.


About the Author --

General/Senator Huynh Van Cao was born into a Christian family at Hue, Central Vietnam in 1927. He graduated from Junior Polytechnic School, Hue, in 1945; Army Officer School, Hue, in 1950; Command and CTactics School, Hanoi, in 1952; and Command and General Staff College, U.S., in 1958.


   Huynh Van Cao  



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