Help! I Fell in Love and Bumped My Head

by Antoinette M. Green

(c) 2005 Antoinette M. Green
212 pages





About the Author --

Antoinette M. Green, a jewel from a family of precious gems, is the youngest daughter of  Drs. Ralph E. Green and First Lady Shirley M. Green of the Free Gospel Deliverance Temple in Coral Hills, Maryland.

Born in Washington, DC she was raised and educated in the Metropolitan area. A former Flight Attendant, Antoinette currently works and serves in Ministry along with her family. She is very multi-talented and transparent, and believes in being REAL.

Antoinette is the Founder of J.E.W.E.L Ministries - Jesus Empowering Women to Enrich Lives ™. God called her to minister to women with a not-so-perfect past. Empowering them through the leading of the Holy Spirit to recognize and understand who they are in Christ, to fulfill their destiny by example and by hearing the uncompromising truth of scripture. 

Committed to the writing ministry, she has several books in her spirit that will place joy and contentment in the lives of others.  Coupled with humor and a sisterly tell-it-like it is writing style, Antoinette is traveling down the “write road”.  Her favorite scripture is Isaiah 61:1-3.




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