The Living Soul

by Mitchell E. Gibson, MD
Tybro Publications
Tempe, Arizona 

(c) 2003 Tybro Publications
288  pages

ISBN 0-9708190-8-0

Price $15.95

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From the Back Cover --

Based on a true story.


What would you do if you actually met a being from another dimension?


Mitchell Gibson was Chief Resident in Psychiatry at a large inner city medical center. One day, while meditating in his apartment, a mysterious being appeared and changed his life. Gibson was faced with the dilemma of interacting with a highly intelligent being who was not of this dimension. The predicament threatened to dramatically alter his career, his relationships, and his ability to function as a doctor.


The being had an agenda. He had been watching the good doctor for a long time. Soon, Mitchell Gibson would embark upon a life and death struggle to save the life of a young woman who desperately wanted to kill herself. In the process, he would learn to harness a remarkable gift that he never knew he had, the secrets of an ancient and powerful race, and the true origins of a Deity who holds the key to the future evolution of the human soul.


The Living Soul  is a brilliant work that is destined to become a classic in its field. 
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