Is There a Tomorrow? YES!

by Temima Gezari
Studio Workshop Press
Rocky Point, NY 

(c) 2003 Studio Workshop Press
104  pages

ISBN 0-9616269-5-X

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Temima Gezari is an artist, an educator and a humanist. She recently retired from the job she held for 62 years as the Director of Art Education for the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York. She has discovered, and actively promotes, an important approach to the development of children’s full human potential-to recognize their great innate creativity and encourage them to express it. She has dedicated her life to helping others find this creative self, while exploring the dimensions of her own spirit.  

In this book Temima tells the story of her experiences in Palestine as a visiting artist in the 1930's, during the early days of the kibbutz movement, when idealistic young people were working to create the new State of Israel.

Today, at the age of 99, Temima continues to work actively as artist and professional educator with skill and energy. She has brought us an opportunity to recognize in her art, and in ourselves, the creative capacity of the human being. 

Temima Gezari in 1934


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