Making Money
The Reason to Invest

by William O. Foster
Financial Advisor, Inc.

(c) 2004 William O. Foster, Financial Advisor, Inc.
108 pages

ISBN 1-932433-12-0

Price $19.95

From the Jacket --

IN MY LAST BOOK, WEVE ALL Been Suckered: The Great Raid on Our Savings and Retirement Funds, I wrote about the world of investing over the past thirty years. I pointed out the failure of the Adam Smith Doctrine of economics, that the wealth of nations derives from the uniform, constant and uninterrupted effort of every man to better his condition.

I wrote the book to enlighten and enrage readers. My hope was that if enough people understood what had happened, we could avoid another raid on our savings and retirement funds. The book was written prior to many of the discoveries of corporate greed and fraud, and my predictions proved to be just the beginning.

This book is a guide for readers who want to learn from the past thirty years and make money investing. It is intended to help readers avoid any other accidents waiting for a place to happen. The events of the past year were predicted in my newsletter, Financial Advisor, the stock market bottoming out last October, the March test of the lows and the tremendous rally that followed. Ive never seen all of the ingredients necessary to make a lot of money investing come together as they are now, and this book will provide the road map to success.

I will share with you the knowledge that I have gathered over the past thirty years, and show you how to use that knowledge to make money investing. Then I will explain what I believe is the next big con, and tell you how to avoid it. 

2004 William O. Foster Published by Financial Advisor, Inc. Jacket design by Sandy Cruz



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