Customer Service Strategies
That Will Separate You From the Competition

by Louis C. Feuer, MA. MSW

(c) 2003 Louis C. Feuer
176 pages

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From the Back Cover --

Customer Service Strategies That Will Separate You From The Competition

puts customer service front and center!  It delivers strategies, tools and exercises all designed to make healthcare employees more aware of how important customer service issues are. This book is a "must read", not just for front-line staff and new employees, but also for corporate directors, managers, business owners, sales and marketers, office supervisors, administrators ... did we leave anyone out? Designed in an easy to read style, the text focuses on practical ways to create better customer-oriented programs throughout the entire organization.


Louis Feuer is known as "the" leading customer service expert in the healthcare industry. As a nationally known healthcare educator, author and speaker, Louis has provided customer service advice to many of the nation's biggest & best healthcare companies. Thousands of professionals read his business columns in industry journals,

attend his acclaimed teleconferences and participate in his engaging seminars. For information and training videos to accompany this book, additional training & marketing materials, teleconference schedules and more ...


Louis C. Feuer, MA, MSW


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