False Tonques
and Sunday Bread

by Copeland Marks
Takoma Books
Takoma Park, MD

(c) 1985 Copeland Marks
408 pages

0-9763129-0-5 (hard cover)

Price: $39.95
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About the Author --

Copeland Marks (1921-1999) was a world traveler who authored 16 cookbooks on various exotic and little-known cuisines. His method, which involved traveling to various regions, cooking with and learning from the local people, is reflected in this long out-ofprint collection of three-hundred recipes from Guatemala and other areas inhabited by the descendants of the Mayan people. "For any serious cook who honestly cares about the cuisines of the world, the books of Copeland Marks are marvels. He is a genius and where the cookstove is involved, an explorer and archaeologist of the highest order. ...False Tongues and Sunday Bread, is an exploration of modern mayan cooking, and if you care about food on an international scale, it is a must."


Copeland Marks


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