Lacey's Day

by Jack Eadon
Eloquence Press
Tustin, CA

(c) 2005 Jack Eadon
196 pages

0-9753300-5-5 (paperback)

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From the Back Cover --

Ted Hewitt’s fiancé stands him up at the altar. Lacey Chen’s husband is controlling and cold, and, for various reasons, discounts her romantic sensibilitity. Ted and Lacey find each other on the Internet. Sparks fly. A relationship is born. But how far will it go? Romantic? Even obsessive? Will it soon be Lacey’s Day? Maybe they’ll meet on June 13th, maybe not. Then there’s the biggest surprise of all!


About the Author --

Jack Eadon began by writing a book in grade school, then a short story. In high school he began a decade in rock music with the band Khazad Doom, writing many of the songs with a moralistic drama theme, something he continues to put into his writing today. He toiled in the corporate world with his MBA until 1983, when he moved to California. He now writes contemporary drama full-time.


Jack Eadon


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