A Consequence of Greed

by Jack Eadon
Eloquence Press
Tustin, CA

(c) 2004 Jack Eadon
566 pages

0-9753300-7-1 (paperback)

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From the Back Cover --

Corporate trouble-shooter Marcus Ramsay has been transferred from Chicago to a small division of Allied Foods in central Texas. There, Marcus encounters resistance to his Yankee ideas. He uncovers a ten-year-old murder perpetrated by the locals, who correctly sense that Ramsay is possessed by the murdered manís spirit and is seeking to take revenge. Eadonís vivid cast of characters and finely tuned plot will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


About The Author --

Jack Eadon received an MBA in 1974 from the University of Chicago. After spenting eight years in corporate America, Eadon began to write seriously. Eadon has also published six other contemporary drama titles. See inside rear of book. He now writes full-time from his home in Orange County, California.


Jack Eadon


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