by Mark Daniel Curley

(c) 2005 Mark Daniel Curley

ISBN: 0-9760044-0-2 (Paperback, 675 pages)

Published by Markoni Communications, Tampa, FL

Price: US $14.95 / CAN $19.95

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From the Back Cover --

Scott Freeh is a handsome, prodigious 30-year-old Wharton C.P.A. and Renaissance man whose successful California Web business lets him leave the daily grind behind with over $300 million free and clear. Needing more than Florida fun and philanthropy to fill his days, he soon embarks on a new venture in his home state of Massachusetts. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that a great many sacrifices may be required. The remaining pages are a dark, sensuous, relentless, and often seriocomic ride through the demonscape lurking just below the surface in even the kindest and noblest of humankind. Retirement is framed by sports, journalism, the entertainment business, wealth, power, police work and real rock ‘n’ roll. Healthy doses of humor, travel, misdirection, explicit sex and graphic violence color the canvas. This first novel in the series is also a selective snapshot of history, as Scott Freeh’s fictional life is seamlessly interwoven with a chronologically accurate recounting of nonfiction events from the year 2000.


About the Author --

Mark Daniel Curley was born and raised in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, grew up in Los Angeles, got lucky in Boston, survived Philadelphia, and now lives near Tampa.



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