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  Biography of Water

by Carrie Bennett
PO Box 42164
Washington, DC 20015

(c) 2005 Carrie Bennett
72 pages

0-915380-58-7 (paperback)

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Reviews --

I see Carrie Bennett having tea with Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens; her poetry pulses with Dickinson’s desire to know as well as Stevens’ love of making. One poem begins “we made a bird­house out of what was lost”—how is that possible? Bennett’s lines are bone-clean, luminous, insistent; as we read them, rst we say there’s no way we can write a biography of water, and then we realize that we have to.
–David Kirby, author of The Ha-Ha

Carrie Bennett has found a new shape for the poem—a rolling series that builds over several pages to a quiet crescendo. This is a book that plumbs the quiet—with quiet insistence. Each sequence stakes out a distinct concern—the body, the city, the house. Each one puts us at a cross-hairs—of being and place, of being and history, of being and birds. Using emotion as an explor­atory tool, she reaches the fragile edges of everyday thought and goes a step beyond, giving everyday things a second life—doors, stairs, skies. It’s a life lived in her poems alone, but it makes these things glow in the daily world as well. This book is an exquisite and promising debut
–Cole Swensen, author of Goest



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