The Apple Tree

by Mariam Al-Kalby
Californa, USA 

© 2012 Mariam Al-Kalby
32 pages

978-0-9885070-0-5 (hard cover)

Price $16.00


From the Back Cover --

Little Shaima learns a valuable lesson in giving for the sake of charity and reward from God after planting an apple tree with her dad. By learning to give the fruit to others, including people, animals, and birds, she overcomes the selfishness she feels about wanting to keep all the fruit to herself. Based on an Islamic Prophetic saying – Hadith – this story brings to life the struggle and joy of giving to others and will capture the interest of all.

Blurbs and reviews

Delightfully charming, Mariam Al-Kalby’s work introduces children to the enchanting and fairytale world of the non-western.”
— Dr. Nhora Serrano, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature, California State University, Long Beach

About the Author

Mariam Al-Kalby is a storybook writer, poet, blogger, wife, and mother of two young girls from California. She received her Bachelors in English Education and Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach. She is a dreamer and seeks out the creative aspects of life. She loves nature and natural beauty whether it’s through art, writing, photography, or architecture...she believes art is in every form and it is up to the person to see the magic within. This is her fist children’s book. Visit Mariam’s Blog at

About the Illustrator

 Yee Von Chan is a freelance illustrator and designer from Malaysia who was raised in a loving and supportive environment that nurtured her artistic talent. Mostly inspired by nature, her artwork mainly encompasses fairytales and fantasies as she imagines them. Her artwork is her secret diary, sharing her journey and allowing her audience to grow with her. Yee Von also enjoys exploring different forms of artwork, as well as stargazing and watching clouds pass by in a clear blue sky. She also has a line of paper goods with her whimsical designs. Visit her website at this book, Yee Von Chan hand-drew the art with ink, then colored it digitally using vintage colors in her famous woodland-inspired, whimsical style.



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