Tales of Bong Tree Island

by E.J. Lefavour
Khan Studio
Gloucester, MA

2012 E.J. Lefavour
124 pages

978-0-615-67402-5 (paperback)

Price $19.95



From the Back Cover --

Tales of Bong Tree is an entertaining illustrated historical fiction story for people of all ages who enjoy Edward Lear's poem The Owl and The Pussycat, but have always wanted to know more.

World famous explorer, Martine Bates of Gloucester, MA, is contracted by the Queen of England and invited to lead an expedition to locate the land where the bong tree grows. Barney and Caterina (aka "The Owl and the Pussycat"), had departed Ramsgate, England on December 31, 1870 in search of a plane where they could be together with out fear of interspecies relationship discrimination. They had sailed for a year and a day and finally reached the land where the bong trees grow and interspecies marriage is accepted; but no one had heard from them again or been able to locate the place where they had settled. A good friend of the Royal Family, explorer Alpheus Pomfry, had traveled in search of Bong Tree Island in 1908, but never returned and was presumed lost at sea.

With the help of an old map drawn by Alpheus Pomfry that Martine Bates finds in the attic of his grandnephew, Pip Pomfry, Martine locates Bong Tree Island. There she meets the owlpusses, descendents of Barney and Caterina, and other inhabitants if Bong Tree Island such a hedgepiggywigs, hummingbunnybirds and painted manaturtles. During her interviews with the descendents, she uncovers the history and genealogy of Barney and Caterina, and learns all about Bong Tree Island and its unique inhabitants. Tales of Bong Tree Island is a chronical of Martine's adventures and compilation of the interviews she conducted and paintings she completed while on Bong Tree Island, sprinkled with great wisdom and lessons that could only be imparted by creatures such as owlpusses and hedgepiggywigs.


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