Financialism Water from an Empty Well

by Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Brian Browne

© 2012 Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Brian Browne
488 pages

0-9702856-7-1 (paperback)
0-9702856-6-3 (hard cover)

Price $20.00
(soft cover);  $25.00 (hard cover)



From the Back Cover --

This book is not about politics nor is it about economics. It is about the confluence where politics and economics meld to become each the other. It is about the political economy. Moreover, it examines the convergence of corrosive politics and the economic black arts. It is about complex thought and about behavior and fact of even greater complexity. It is as much about the inhumane behavior of facts as it is about the facts of human behavior. It is about how thought can go awry. Yet the more an idea goes awry, the more it and its adherents insist on its validity. This gives an account of that class of people who make and multiply money for the sake of it. It points out those who have staked the well-being of the greater portion of us on unnecessary wagers placed with the whimsical gods of high finance. In the end, this book is for those who seek to build a political economy based on an equitable creation of wealth so that all may have a better run at a better future.

Blurbs and reviews --

“This book… challenges the domination of print value over material goods, a situation where the virtual or symbolic
arbiter…tyrannizes over the enabling material base. The skewed world of economics needs to be challenged…”

“This book is important because it reflects the thinking of two men who care deeply about Black people and all of humankind... Those who read this book will be educated in part, entertained in part, and enlightened in whole. They will be better equipped to turn the tide against the inequality and rolling poverty that now sweep the political economy. One cannot ask more of these authors. I applaud them for the important contribution they have made and I ask you to read this book with care and understanding. You will be much the better for the effort.”



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