Canadian City Flags

by  Edward B. Kaye, North American Vexillological Association

© 2011 North American Vexillological Association
256 pages

ISBN  978-0-9747728-3-7 (paperback)

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From the Back Cover --

As the Honorable Ian A. Mackenzie remarked during the contentious 1945 parliamentary debates about Canada’s flag, “In the life of every nation symbols are important, and perhaps the most important of these is the national flag.” So, too, Canada’s strong and vibrant tradition of civic flag use often provides meaningful symbolism to engage the allegiance of municipal citizenry. Their designs also often make clear connections to the nation, province, or territory, as well as to the shared history, geography, and values of the cities they represent. Unlike cities in the United States, a large number of Canadian municipalities have coats of arms, most granted by heraldic authorities in Canada, England, or Scotland—except in Québec, where there is a prevalent tradition of “assumed” arms. Those arms find their way onto flags in three primary ways: 1) placing the entire coat of arms onto the flag, or using the shield from the arms as a device, 2) spreading the main elements of the shield across the entire field of the flag (called here a “banner of arms”), or 3) using elements of the arms in other ways in the flag’s design. This heraldic tradition distinguishes Canadian municipal flags from those in the United States, where city seals are often used. Corporate style logos, however, represent a growing trend on Canadian municipal flags, and seals do appear on some.

Quote from back cover ---

“This important book, a first in its field, showcases the civic flag parade that began in the early 20th century and accelerated when Canada adopted her distinctive national flag in 1965. Bravo to the editor and researchers for documenting the beauty and wide acceptance of Canadian civic symbols!”

Kevin Harrington
President, Canadian Flag Association



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