The Coach Approach

by John Brubaker

© 2012 John Brubaker
224 pages

ISBN  978-0-9850671-0-6 (paperback)

Price $19.97


From the Back Cover --

“I have found that the most successful executives today manage their organizations like they were head coaches because the same qualities that make for a successful coach makes for a successful executive. John shares practical insights from his coaching career to teach you how to lead with your mind and your heart. The Coach Approach will teach you winning strategies to bring about game-changing performance in business and life.”

Jon Gordon Best-selling author of The Energy Bus and Training Camp

 “When I finished reading The Coach Approach, I thought I wonder what my mentor of 40 years, Coach John Wooden, would say about it. We agreed on almost every issue of life and basketball. I believe he would say what I feel about it. The book is sensible, sincere, simple, sagacious, salient, scholarly, and short, (which he would have really liked.) He was a man that could clearly say anything with a powerful impact in a few words. Congratulations John for a job well done.”

Dale Brown Hall of Fame basketball coach, motivational speaker and author

“The lessons and insights in The Coach Approach may be rooted in sports, but they apply to just about every aspect of leadership in business. Through behind the scenes experiences with his teams, John shows you how to take your organization to the next level. If you’re interested in winning, you will love this book. If you’re committed to winning, you need this book.”

Patrick Sweeney President of Caliper and
New York Times best-selling author of Succeed on Your Own Terms

 “The Coach Approach is a valuable contribution to the business leadership literature. Coach Bru gets beyond pithy slogans and overused motivational quotes, providing thoughts that create strong roots for success. He has taken his unique use of metaphor, practical wisdom, and reflectiveness to create a book that will aid any individual striving to maximize potential in business . . . or life.”

Dr. Adam Naylor Sport psychology consultant –
Telos Sport Psychology Consulting and Boston University

 “The Coach Approach is the one book on leadership I’d have, if I could have just one.”

Don Meyer Winningest coach in NCAA men’s college basketball.



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