Death From Child Abuse … and no one heard

by Dana Weikel and Eve Krupinski
GRAND Publishing, Inc
Gulfport, FL

© 1986 Dana Weikel and Eve Krupinski
144 pages

ISBN  978-0-930507-04-6 (paperback)

Price $16.95


From the Book --

Since 1986 when Death From Child Abuse…and no one heard was first published, the national tragedy of child abuse and neglect has grown despite increased public awareness and the passing of federal and state child abuse prevention legislation. In 2009, 1,770 children died in the U.S. as a result of abuse or neglect – an increase of 55% over 1998. As this book demonstrates, non-fatal abuse and neglect can also extract a tragic toll for generations to
come. Much has improved since the murder of five-year-old Ursula Sunshine As said. Awareness is up. Social services, judges, teachers and law enforcement are better prepared to recognize abuse and are motivated to act; and yet the grim statistics say it’s not enough. To eliminate this scourge, we must go to the source. We must reach the abusers and the victims….the potential abusers and the potential victims. We must show them another way before it is too late and more lives are damaged or lost. Part One of Death From Child Abuse…and no one heard tells the poignant story of how society failed one little girl. Teachers and neighbors were blind to her private hell or chose to look the other way. Nobody took the simple steps that would have prevented her excruciating death. This story incites a passion for justice in the reader’s heart. But the book doesn’t stop there. Part Two provides guidance and practical information. The energized reader becomes a soldier in the fight to protect the helpless and dependent. This is a must read for adolescents, students, parents, grandparents, teachers, law enforcement and all others who would protect the innocent and foster a more healthy society.

   --  Mary Ann Cooper and Jonathan Micocci


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