Less Time

by Matthew M. Trusskey
Lakeside Publishers
Montgomery, Texas

© 2011 Matthew M. Trusskey
48 pages

978-0-578-08521-0 (paperback)

Price $6.95



About the Author --

While living in isolation on the Greenland Ice Cap from 1979 - 1981, his literary career sparked and he began putting his writings onto paper. His career reignited again during his recovery after a disabling injury which occurred in 1985. "Time Spent" was finally completed and published in 2004. During the publication process, Mr. Trusskey decided that he should write a “trilogy” of his time here on earth. During 2005, Matt held and attended book signings and poetry readings. Many of his consumers, patrons and friends encouraged Matt to continue in his writing and asked when his second book would be published. Matt’s only reply was, “When it comes to me, it will be written. I am not sure where most of my inspiration comes from except to say more likely from life experiences and observations and more importantly, the heavens of which I am a part. My motivation comes from the desire to hopefully inspire and help others. Most specifically, to let them know they are not alone, like I once felt. I believe this is the most important reason of all to continue on with my writing.” As the years passed by Matt developed and wrote some poems for “Less Time”… subtitled ”Poems of Midlife Memories and Letting Go”, and knew that his final book “Know Time”…subtitled “Death, Dying and Beyond”, would end up being his most challenging. When writers block set in again, Matt decided to go to work in Iraq and Afghanistan for a while. He explained, “I was hoping to see and live more and be inspired again. You know you cannot stay cooped up in the house all the time”. While there, he was severely injured, and then medically evacuated back to the U.S. for treatment. Even though the writing of this book was completed before his departure to Iraq and Afghanistan, Matt decided that after what he had seen so far, it was time to publish this work. The time was right!


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