The Trouble with Sneakers

by Susan Cohen Field & Linda Perks

© 2009 Turning Stone Publishers
48 pages

978-0-578-03801-8 (hard cover)

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From the Back Cover --

The Trouble with Sneakers is a children’s book that is part of a learning process for children to help them make choices “as if” they were feeling a positive self-esteem. These same choices accept self-responsibility. The process relates to issues such as teasing, bullying, prejudice, feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, eating disorders, alcohol, drug and cigarette addictions, as well as other fears or obstructions from making successful and fulfilling choices. (See our website (WWW.TURNINGSTONEPUBLISHERS.COM). This book and its companion materials, including two hand puppets, were developed by a specially chosen professional group under the guidance of Arthur W. Sagoskin, M.D., a senior participant and founder of one of the most highly successful fertility practices in the country.  Dr. Sagoskin’s dedication to life is his motivation.

This book is about a child’s fear of economic insecurity and how he initially makes choices that violate his trust with a friend who needs a temporary home for his dog. The book shows how the child and his family are led to decisions that help this friend.  There are several functions of this book which is the first in a series of stories. First, the book introduces the understanding that a child thinks about himself (a reflective consciousness). Secondly, it brings to a conscious level of understanding to the child about the nature, content and function of his internal communication system. In order to accomplish this, the book uses hand puppets known as the “Detective” and the “Sorcerer”. The Detective has the function of helping to learn what fear is hampering a mind set that results in “Self-Empowering” (positive self-esteem) choice making. The “Sorcerer” has the function of exploring choices available after the Detective has done its work. Finally, the “Family Close Chat,” which is representative of a loving cooperative effort to help a child see what choices are available to him.  In addition to these stories, the artwork has been imaginatively and carefully created to help maintain a child’s interest.

                                                                                        With Pleasure


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