Paul Lancaster
Immersed in Nature

by Grey Carter
Pegboard Press
1746 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL

© 2009 Grey Carter & Pegboard Press
112 pages

978-0-9743283-1-7 (hard cover)

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From the Back Cover --

Intense, layered landscapes dripping with flora and fauna, growing and morphing like the kudzu that spreads prolifically where these paintings are created. Sensuous, serene maidens glide in and out of the scene, sometimes embraced by, sometimes becoming part of the trees and leaves that make up the rich tableau. Self-taught artist Paul Lancaster’s art defies all expectations. Those used to the work of classically trained artists might not know what to make of his idiosyncratic vision. Those who follow outsider art will find all their expectations upended. Lancaster’s work does not fall into predictable categories. His work is not “primitive,” rather it has the fluidity and elegance of a Southern drawl. His visual vocabulary is singular. Working with themes that are universally recognized: landscape, the nude and still-life, his paintings have an intensity and obsessive ness that are often signature qualities of the best visionary art. Yet they exude a stillness, a calm and patient hand that the frantic works of art brut often lack. Living on the fringes of society, but not totally removed from it, Lancaster’s work is the product of an artist who wants to record the visions he sees in his mind. The depth and detail of Lancaster’s paintings allow the viewer to become immersed in the images the same way that his subjects are immersed in nature.

– David Carter, MFA



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