Fall Flight in Alabama

by Vic Daily
Madison, AL 

© 2009 by Vic Daily
264 pages

ISBN 978-0-615-28842-0 (hard cover)

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From the Book --

Unlike other hunting books, this one does not cater to the masses and specialize in subjects such as how to set decoys, build a duck blind or use a duck call. This book caters to a special niche – waterfowl hunting in North Alabama.

Alabama is a deer and turkey state and typically is not regarded as a waterfowl hunting Mecca. Even though duck hunters in Alabama are in the minority, it makes this tight-knit group even more special. If these guys are not hunting ducks … they are thinking about hunting ducks. Other states in the South Mississippi flyway offer more habitat and provide more opportunities than North Alabama, but area duck hunters have just as much desire and can hold their own with any other states.

The wide array and sheer volume of information I compiled over 17 years was overwhelming. Much of the information in this book is cited from technical and semi-technical publications, while other is based on regional and popular belief. There was an extreme abundance of some information on subjects such as management techniques, while “gray” or historical information and photos were incredibly hard to find. I cannot convey how satisfying it was to compile this book. I have seemingly spent an endless number of seasons hunting without shooting a box of shells, yet at the opposite end of the spectrum I have experienced incredible hunts at the premier duck hunting places in North Alabama. I only wish everyone could have walked in my waders and met the hunters and experienced the sights that I did while working on this project. By no means was everything covered about this great outdoor sport we all enjoy. As you read this book, you will realize a lot of circles have been closed, but even more have been opened. Volumes could be written about the stories and experiences at waterfowl management areas and duck clubs. Not all duck call makers or duck clubs are listed, but a noble attempt was made to compile this information. I hope all the readers of this book will come forward and help with any voids left and help me complete a second edition of this book.



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