Comedia Performance
Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2009

by Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Georgetown University
Washington, D.C.

© 2009
258 pages

Comedia Performance is distributed without additional charge to members of the AHCT at the annual conference in El Paso, Texas. Individual copies may be purchased for $20. Non-members of AHCT may subscribe for $50 for three issues. Library rates are $30 per issue and $75 for a three-year subscription.

To contact publisher, write Dr. B. Mujica, editor



From the Back Cover --

Journeyman Theater, Washington, D.C. 2008 performance of Life’s a Dream. Directed by Alexander Strain. From left to right: Lindsay Haynes (Estrella), Jim Jorgensen (Basilio), Theo Hadjimichael (Astolfo). Photo by Colin Hovde. Our thanks to Colin Hovde for supplying this photo.

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