Chasing the Wind

by Chris Navarro

© 2009 Chris Navarro
176 pages

ISBN 978-0-578-02277-2 (hard cover)

Price $45.00

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From the Back Cover --

Chris Navarro’s book, Chasing the Wind, is fun to read, informative and inspirational. I learned about rodeos, Plains Indians and wildlife – all part of the subject matter of Navarro’s bronze sculptures. Chris is unveiled as a true artist who knows what he loves and learns how to make it happen. He believes life is art and art is life.
--  Jan McNutt, Editor-In-Chief Art Revue Magazine

Sculpture doesn’t live in a world of flat paint. It glows in the realism of breadth of dimension, shape, form, detail and artist interpretation. Navarro’s work seems to breathe. This passion for life is fully explored in Chasing The Wind.
--  Robert J. Koenke, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Wildlife Art and Sculpture Forum Magazine

About the Author --

This beautiful book chronicles the life and work of Chris Navarro: his journey from being a rodeo cowboy and oil field worker to one of the premiere sculptors of the West. It explores the significant influences that have molded and inspired his art, showing the transformation of his art from conception to completion. It is filled with vivid descriptions and observations that illustrate the wide range of his work. Gaining insight into the reasons and emotions behind his monumental memorials, this book leads us into a world of sculpture. “Your experiences have everything to do with your beliefs and how you see the world. As in art and life, if what you create is real, and if it’s done with genuine emotions, there will always be others who will want to experience and relate to that power.  In creating art, I have found something that I really love to do, and I hope people can see that through the work I have done, because when I finish a sculpture, it, too, becomes a part of me.”



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