The Adventures of Flat Head Second edition

by Chen Chin
Chinsun Press Ltd.

© 2008 by Chen Chin
288 pages

0-9777893-1-4 (hard cover)


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Chinsun Press, 909 Balsam Tree Place,
Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743

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From the Back Cover --

Flat Head repeatedly submerged the empty bottles in the discoloured water and watched and listened as air bubbles escaped from them as they filled up with water. Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu the bubbles sounded. Soon one of the prized bottles broke and he panicked. He decided to run away to avoid what he feared would be a good whipping.

About the Author --

Move over Huck Finn; make room for Flat Head. Indeed, this work by native born Jamaican Chen Chin, reminds me somewhat of that classic by Twain. Though here, you’ll not find the controversy that continues to surround Twain’s other “main” character, Jim. Instead, we find a supporting cast of characters, all interesting and unique and all part of a glorious adventure through the culture and history of Jamaica. Chen has taken travel writing to a new height as he cleverly combines memoir with history in a way that will make you want to take the very next flight to that wonderful Caribbean Countryside. Kudos to the writer; a delightful must read. For those who feel we’ve lost sight of what really matters in this world. In this publication, the author takes us back to a time and place when life was simple and unspoiled by what George Orwell called “modern miseries.” The reader will be taken on a trip through rural Jamaica and introduced to the people who made an impact on the life of Flat Head, the main character, while growing up in his beloved Jamaica.

Professor Kitty Ellison
Director of Freshman English Writing Program
Department of English
Howard University
Washington, D.C.

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Chen Chin


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