A Year of Good Manners

by Margery Sinclair and Jan Polk

© 2008 Margery Sinclair and Jan Polk
178 pages

978-0-615-20281-5 (hard cover)

Price $27.95

“A Year of Good Manners” may be purchased directly from
www.MargerySinclair.com and www.JanPolk.com 


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From the Back Cover --

A Year of Good Manners A perpetual, daily calendar to record birthdays, anniversaries, and help you remember good manners every day, all year long. Featuring the etiquette teachings of Margery Sinclair and paintings from Jan Polk’s “respect series” – The Great American Flower Collection. The paintings of Jan Polk remind you to treat yourself and others with respect. The words of Margery Sinclair explain how and why you should. “People with good manners have a lifetime advantage in their personal and professional lives.” Margery Sinclair, Etiquette Consultant Respect and Manners are our common bonds..”

Collect Autographs of Loved Ones (Now you have a permanent record to remind you when to send cards and a lovely memory of your loved one in his/her own hand writing.)  Record Birthdays and Anniversaries, Remember good manners every day all year long, year after year. Destined to become a treasured family heirloom.

Becomes more valuable with every entry. Pass your values on to future generations. Its easy to hold yourself to a higher standard when you know how. Features Jan Polk’s “respect series” paintings: Blue Iris, Black Rose, Sunflower, Yellow Daffodil, Purple Peony and Pink Gladiolus from the Great American Flower Collection; images that remind you to treat yourself with respect. Pictures and details at www.janpolk.com  Daily Tips by Milwaukee Etiquette Consultant Margery Sinclair on how to treat others with respect; includes 365 common, everyday courtesies and the reasons to use them. Our common bond is we all want to be treated with respect. Our civilized society cannot exist without respect and manners.  This book covers all subjects for your family, school, social and business lives. The information applies equally to all men, women and children. “Good Manners are Good Business.” www.margerysinclair.com

One of the tips from the book:  “Never discount the “likeability factor.” When people like you, partly because of your good manners, they are more likely to give you a break in other areas. A likeable person can be charmingly eccentric; an unlike able person just seems weird.”

Margery Sinclair


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