A Long Time Forgotten

by John Llewellyn Hone

© 2007 John Llewellyn Hone
594 pages

1--932433--98--8 (hard cover)


From the Back Cover --

A LONG TIME FORGOTTEN is the story of entertainment in the Northern Maine village, town and city of Presque Isle featuring the Presque Isle Opera House and all the theaters that operated during the period from the late 1890's to 1947. In these pages you will read about the three different Presque Isle Opera Houses and the town that it served. From the fires, to the plays and movies on the stage and screen of the town’s theaters. The Perry Theatre, the Dreamland, The Bijou, The Big Nickel, The Pavilion, The Strand and The Elite. Stereopticans, cakewalks, minstrel shows, dances, school graduations, and much, much more fill these pages as once they filled the stage of the theaters. You will learn about the visit of the former President Taft and his speech at the Opera House, the boxing match that ended in a death and a true twist of faith more than twenty years later. The stories of the War Years (especially the Spirit of Aroostook) will add a touch of true warmth and nostalgia for what our ancestors had to go through and the manner in which they met that challenge. How the theaters in town help to benefit the schools, library, churches and organizations and victims of disasters will all be found here. All in all, there is much to be found within these pages. So, go to it and ENJOY. .

About the Author --

The author of a Long Time Forgotten was born and raised in Presque Isle, Maine. He is the grandson of John J. Hone, the owner of the Music Hall and the Presque Isle Opera House and son of Llewellyn Hone who along with his brothers kept the Opera House running. John Llewellyn Hone attended the Training School, Cunningham School and Presque Isle High School. He graduated from the University of Maine in 1961, went to Korea as a young Army Lieutenant in Military Intelligence and in charge of the intelligence operation of the DMZ. Following his return from Korea, he went to work for the Defense Intelligence Agency and attended Georgetown Law School from which he graduated with a Juris Doctoris. In 1968 he began the practice of law in the District of Columbia and by 1972 was in partnership with Leonard L. Lipshultz in the firm of Lipshultz and Hone, Chartered. John remains active with his firm in the trial of Product Liability and Intellectual Property Law matters. Along the way, John became actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America and served “the boys” for more than twenty-five years in various capacities. John’s wife, Lynne Porter Hone, aided and assisted her husband during the over thirty years of research and writing. His daughter, Holly, helped with the photography, as did his son, Christopher.

John Llewellyn Hone


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