Career Skills for Success

by Deborah Insel
Washington, DC 20005

© 2006 Deborah Insel
124 pages

0-9778123-2-4 (paperback)

For more information:
Reach for College!
700 12th Street N.W., Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005 Phone: 202-246-7357   

From the Back Cover --

What career will work for me?
• Do I have the skills all employers value?
• What is the path to my career?
• How do I get into the program or college I want to attend?
• How can I do well on the college entrance exams - SAT or ACT?
• How can I prepare for my career right now?
• How can I make a good impression in an interview?

“Reach for College! is an outstanding program that helps to fill the gap in the college and career curriculum in many public schools in Washington, D.C.”
                                 Washington, D.C. Public Charter School Principal

“The rising aspiration of our students can certainly be attributed to the Reach for College! class, which employs a road map of strategies, tools and the consistent encouragement to pursue postsecondary education in a classroom setting.”
                                  Washington, D.C. Public High School Principal

“I think that everything that this program has given me has helped a lot with my career goals. Reach for College! goes into college, not just talk about the outside life of college.”
                                  High School Senior

“The Reach for College! materials are really helpful and they’re really easy to understand.”
                                   High School Junior

“I’m at an advantage, a big advantage this year. I saw it best at my junior year because I was not really getting in the mindset that I needed to get ready for college. This class gets you thinking about college and helps you with the tools you could use to get to college. I know that if I hadn’t taken the class this year, I wouldn’t have four college applications done and won the scholarship that I have now.”
                                   High School Senior

“I like Reach for College! because it gives me more information about going to college. It helps me not stress about college.”
                                   High School Junior



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