Open My Eyes

by Kathleen M. Wabick
Treasures of Grace, LLC,  West Falls, N.Y.

2007 Treasures of Grace, LLC
116 pages

1-932433-83-X (paperback)

For information on how you can obtain additional copies of this book, please email: or write to:

Treasures of Grace, LLC
P.O. Box 100
West Falls, New York 14170

You can purchase book on the web site:


From the Back Cover --

This truly inspiring story is about an average woman who, at the time of her death, was graced by God to see a "glimpse" of Heaven. Why did she instruct her family to write down the details of her remarkable visions? This story is told through the eyes of her daughter who realized that God had a purpose, a divine plan that took years to be revealed.

You are part of His divine plan. It is not by chance that you have this book in your hands. God is whispering your name. He has a merciful heart that burns with love for you. Maybe you are far away from Him right now and He is calling you back to His Church. Or, maybe He is asking you to consider a personal relationship with Him as you live your vocation in life. Could it be that you are suffering with a life threatening illness and are fearful of what lies ahead? The fear of the unknown can sometimes take us on a road we do not want to travel.

Through this awe-inspiring story of the life and death of this seemingly ordinary woman, learn how God remains true to His promises. Heaven is real and we have much to look forward to. Our Father in Heaven is waiting for us and His rewards are magnificent!



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