Baltimore Monday
A Celebration of Life Beyond Sexual Abuse

by Carlos Michael Padilla
Tulsa, OK

© 2006 by Carlos Salcido Padilla Jr.
222 pages

ISBN (13-digit) 978-0-9791551-0-9
ISBN (10-digit) 0-9791551-0-X

From the Back Cover --

“What does one say about a delicate blossom that suddenly appears by your computer, full of the subtleties and scents that only a creature of nature could show in its visage? What does one say about the compassionate soul who has reached out so my times to succor and preserve us as our troubles swim upstream against the currents of life? He is so much more than a friend; he honors us with his very presence and concerns. He is my friend, the child of my heart, a true guide through the malaise of our blighted society”.

Frazer Jones, Retired, National Product Manager, AIG/American General Life

“Michael is a kind, honest, understanding person. In fact, he is probably one of the kindest people that I have ever met. His presence is sensitive, calm, understanding, patient, confident, friendly, and happy. When you meet him, you suddenly feel a sense of security. You feel you are the only person in the room when he speaks. His sincerity shows from the first time you meet him.”

Gina Wedlake, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“During the three years that I have known Michael, I have watched him metamorph into the happy, secure, confident, person that he is today. My wish for Michael is that he continues to show his true colors so that he may become the resplendent butterfly that he is destined to be”.

Keith Tatton, B.C., Canada

“I am proud to have shared Baltimore Monday with Carlos Michael...this book is the culmination of a truly remarkable transformation, one from which we can all learn and grow. We never really know just how and when and where we will impact each other’s lives, but vigilance and openness to the unexpected moments can sometimes result in growth far beyond our own immediate expectations.”

Greg C., Wisconsin

“I found Carlos Michael to be a warm and special kindred spirit when we first met on-line. Over the years we had occasion to meet in person, and I found him to be the real and sensitive soul that came across via our electronic friendship. He remains one of the men I truly value as a friend.”

PMM, Baltimore, Maryland

“Carlos Michael evokes a sense of authenticity in his self identification. Thus, he has become a role model to many of my peers who continue to struggle with sexual orientation issues visa vies marriage and parenthood.”

Dick B., Vermont

Carlos Michael is available to speak at your next event.  Please phone his office directly at 918-828-2865 for more information.


Carlos Salcido Padilla. Jr.



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