by Joan & Robin Rolfs
Audio Antique LLC
Hortonville, WI

© 2007 Joan & Robin Rolfs
352 pages

768-1-932433-82-6 (hard cover)

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From the Back Cover --

Every dog has his day—and then there’s Nipper. He was not a purebred; he did not really know his parents, so in America you might call Nipper a mutt. He was just another dog until he became the subject of the famous painting of “His Master’s Voice” by Francis Barraud in 1899. In 1900, his image was brought to the United States by Emile Berliner and a year later he became the trademark of the Victor Talking Machine Company and the rest is history. This collectibles book highlights one of the most famous trademarks of the 20th century. The hard cover book features over 1200 color photographs of treasured Nipper collectibles. You can “Look for the Dog” on 350 pages of this dog-gone good book on Nipper. Rare, never before seen Nipper items from collections throughout the world. Follow the history of the Victor Talking Machine Company through the years. Learn about the Old King Cole Company, maker of the wonderful Paper Mache Nippers. Meet Nipper’s collectible sidekick "Chipper."  This is a must have book for phonograph collectors, music enthusiasts, Nipper and dog lovers everywhere. Yes, Nipper is still listening for “His Master’s Voice.”  The price guide included in this book will answer the question “How much is that doggie in the window?”

About the Authors - -

This is the third book written by Wisconsin authors, Joan and Robin Rolfs. They have written several articles on Nipper for local and state newspapers and have co-authored a book with Bessie and Floyd Seiter in 2001 titled, Phonograph Dolls that Talk and Sing. They are also authors of the resource book:  Phonograph Dolls and Toys. They received the MAPS Founding Fathers Award in 2006 for their contributions to The Michigan Phonograph Society. Joan has a BS degree in Business/Interior Design. Robin has his BS and an MS degree in Technology Education. They are owners of Audio Antique LLC, a business that specializes in phonographs, Nippers, dolls, and related antiques from the Victorian period to the 1940’s. Joan enjoys collecting the Nipper trademark dogs and Robin is enthralled by the technology of phonograph mechanisms and mechanical sound reproduction. Together they make a great team to present information on the Nipper trademark and the many Nipper collectibles. The authors can be contacted at

Joan & Robin Rolfs


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