Am I So Different?

by Vel Carter

© 2007 Vel Carter
40 pages

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From the Back Cover --

I created this book in an effort to remind children of the importance of tolerance, embracing diversity and to send the message of hope and inclusion for children everywhere. I would love to sell a lot of books, however my original mission would be complete if I were to accomplish two things. One would be to have an affect on even one child that bullies other children, so that he may be able to put himself in the other child's place and change his way of thinking. The second thing I would like this book to do which I have seen happen in the short time that it has been out is to help make a child who feels different for any reason come to feel better about him or herself. This book is a self-esteem builder in the fact that it points out that we are all different in one way or another. The outside is just a package but inside we are much the same in many ways. I have heard the comments from adults "bullying will never change. It is just part of growing up." I agree with them in one respect and that is if we continue to have the attitude with our children that it will never stop and that there is nothing anybody can do about it, then it won't change. I think this book is a great tool to be used by parents, teachers, counselors and children amongst themselves as an aid in conversation about bullying. I have a niece that was teased and bullied all through her years at school. She was a great student and loved learning. She wasn't able to go to school to just learn. Every day was a fight to survive. When she was just a few months away from graduating from high school some kids came to school and threw eggs at her. That was the last straw for her. She left school and never went back. The affects from bullying can be devastating, long lasting and life changing. There have been so many kids that have dropped out of school, committed suicide or as we have seen in recent years turned their frustration on other students with school shootings. It all begins in the elementary schools and that is where I would like to have a small part in seeing it end. Although this is a children's book the lessons in it are a clear and simple reminder for all ages, that we are never too young or too old to be more tolerant and accepting of others in spite of our diversity. There are 17 different children in this book. Each child has a concern about being different in one way or another such as: freckles, tall, big ears, the color of their skin, handicaps and several other concerns. I have the entire book set up on a power point program and do assemblies in elementary schools. Please contact me if you are interested in an assembly.

About the Author - -

My name is Vel Carter. I was born in 1951. I grew up in Bountiful Utah in the fifties and sixties along with three brothers Jack, Mark and Doug and two sisters Mar Jean and Kara Lee. Our sweet mother Virginia B. Thompson raised us alone when our father Bert Thompson died in 1962. My mother is my inspiration for every good thing I do. I was better known in Bountiful as Velma Lynn Thompson. I have been married to my husband and best friend since 1986. I have one son Benjamin Miller, daughter-inlaw Jeannie and they have three children Kellie, Joshua and Olivia. My husband has seven children Jeff, Greg, Jared, Rob, Kristie, Sherrie and Joy. Together our grandchildren number in the high twenty’s. As early as about third or fourth grade I started rhyming my thoughts and feelings and found it enjoyable to do so. This book Am I So Different? is just a sample of my writing. However it is my first published endeavor. I hope the first of many. Along with my very talented artist Stephanie Goodman I think we have created something that almost every child can relate to in one way or another. Stephanie’s talent can also be found in a previously published book titled Don’t Crickets Get Sore Throats? I hope you share this book with as many children  as possible.

Vel Carter


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