Ginter Park Presbyterian Church: The First Hundred Years

by William E. Phipps
Ginter Park Presbyterian Church
Richmond, VA

2006 by William E. Phipps
166 pages


From the Back Cover --

The Presbyterian Church in Ginter Park, the oldest church in that district of Richmond, stands out because of a unique constituency over the past century. The Church has been strengthened by its strategic location and the resulting congregational participation by many individuals who have been associated with the larger church. Contributions by the faculty, students, and their families from the neighboring Union Theological Seminary/ Presbyterian School of Christian Education have been immeasurable. Families on furlough in Mission Court previously, and international theological students presently, have added valuable global perspectives.

 "It is a well instructed church. It is a well organized church. It is a working church. It is a liberal church. It is a sociable church, pervaded by a delightful spirit of friendliness and Christian fellowship. Its Sunday school is the banner school of the great Synod of Virginia."

--Walter W. Moore, the first president of Union Theological Seminary, writing in 1915 about GPPC where his family were charter members.

 "Bill Phipps' work provides a wealth of detail, not only about Ginter Park Presbyterian Church but also about Richmond and the Presbyterian Church in the South over the past century. The detail might well overwhelm the reader were it not for the author's wit and personal touches throughout. On the one hand, this history mirrors the triumphs and the failures of churches in the South in the 20th century. At the same time, we marvel at the many examples of those who have risen above the constraints of the times to provide bold and prophetic leadership. For me personally, Phipps' work is a stirring reminder of what a privilege it was to be associated with such a great congregation."

   --Bob Pierce, GPPC senior pastor from 1991 to 2005.

Dr. Phipps is Emeritus Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Davis and Elkins College. He has written extensively on Presbyterian history, including William Sheppard: Congo's African American Livingstone. Bill and his wife Martha Ann have been part of the Ginter Park congregation since 1995. He has been serving as a minister member of the Session.



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