Keepers of the Tradition
Portraits of Contemporary Appalachians

Portraits by Leslie Roberts Gregg
Stories by Michael Abraham

© 2015 Leslie Roberts Gregg and Michael Abraham
96 pages

ISBN  978-0926487-82-6 (hardcover)

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About the book --

Tradition is the glue that binds the past with the future, and adheres cultures and civilizations. The value of preserving traditions is inestimable and incalculable. As products of Appalachia, portrait artist Leslie Roberts Gregg and author Michael Abraham are continually mindful of this and of the unique cultural environment in which they were nurtured. Their desire and urgency to celebrate the contributions of the tradition keepers gave birth to this project. Keepers of the Tradition, is a compilation of a dozen portraits of contemporary Appalachians who follow the paths of those who came before them. Stunning pastel portraits and colorful, insightful stories, rich with anecdotes and quotations, provide a rich tapestry of Keepers. The practices of folklore preservation arenít reenactments, but rather everyday lifestyle experiences for Keepers of the Tradition. Learn how these Keepers revere, celebrate, and practice the skills, crafts, and occupations of their predecessors and share time-honored wisdom from their cultural roots.

About the Authors --

Leslie Roberts Gregg grew up in Long Shop, Virginia. A graduate of Blacksburg High School, she received her degree in Art from Virginia Tech. She has a history in biomedical and commercial art, but her love of working with people led to the specialty of fine art portraiture with hundreds of paintings to her credit. Her commissioned works of art hang in public and private collections throughout the United States. Leslie has always been a passionate fan of Appalachia and the people who make it special. She resides with her family on a farm in the Catawba Valley.

Michael Abraham is a businessman and writer. He is a native of Christiansburg, Virginia and a graduate of Christiansburg High School and Virginia Tech with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has had a varied career in engineering, sales, marketing, business management, and real estate management. He currently splits his time between the management of an industrial condominium in Christiansburg and his writing career. He lives in Blacksburg with his wife, two dogs, and four motorcycles. He and his wife have one adult daughter.  Keepers of the Tradition is his seventh book, all celebrating the unique culture of Appalachian Virginia and West Virginia.

Michael Abraham and Leslie Roberts Gregg





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