Big-Eyed Children's Stories Presents a Series:

Sonali's conversation with Her Grandparents on: GOAL OF LIFE

by Batuk, Jai Sachchidanand Sangh

©2014 by Batuk, Jai Sachchidanand Sangh, Inc. USA and Jai Sachchidanand Sangh.

32 pages

ISBN 978-009961009-0-8(hardcover)

Price $13.49


Reviews --

Glenda Akers, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, The Swain School, Allentown, Pa. - "Such diligence and thought has been put into the process of this book! And...such valuable concepts for all ages.Can’t help thinking that many adults could benefit from a "refresher course" in meaningful living by reading a piece of literature such as this book!!"

Todd Stansbery, Head of School, The Swain School - "As an independent school educator, I believe this book contains meaningful messages within the text and illustrations. It provides important character education content needed in our schools for our students. Most important to me is that it provided thoughtful global and cultural concepts that will help children learn the importance of understanding our differences, and learning from that understanding throughout their lives to be happy."

Raakhee Gonela, Psy.D.,Clinical Children Psychologist – "I found this book to embody the powerful relationship between children their grandparents in character building for happiness. The relationship depicted addresses the wisdom, comfort and stability of these relationships, while commenting on the reality of the "grandparent influence" and it’s relevance in the raising of children in and out of the United States. Poignant lessons are touched upon that can be very helpful to children, parents, and guardians in a reader friendly manner, and I look forward to hearing more from Sonali and her grandparents."

About the Author --

Grandfather (Dada) is a retired mechanical engineer, whose specialty was project management and, interfacing with people throughout the world as a part of his profession. As a hobby he interfaced with youths of all ages and is a devoted student of Holistic Inner Science. The Holistic Inner Science is the science of life and living which brings to light after all, what are we here for? What is the aim of our life? How is the world governed? How do favorable or unfavorable circumstances gather around or grip us? What is the science of life especially in the context of surrounding circumstances and universe as a whole? What are the secrets of new causes or charging of Karma, Life’s varying Effects or discharge, bondage and freedom? Human Life is a unique experiment of the universe. ‘I am’ responsible for the experiment. If the understanding is wrong, it would lead to all sorts of puzzles within and hence outside in interactional life too. It is only the right understanding which leads to the solution of all puzzles, resulting in subsequent inner happiness, harmony, and humane living. Holistic Inner Science offers such correct understanding and right vision with which one can live a positive and wholesome natural life. It leads us to a new vision and a new world! One’s inner potentials are better realized and utilized. It offers inner independence and enables a way to total inner freedom! My inspiration: “Ultimate humility and I know nothing”.



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